Engineering services offered for aircraft development
Dr. Peer Frank Skytec
Fuggerweg 19
D-86874 Mattsies (Germany)

Consulting based on project experience of aircraft in the weight class ranging from 10...37000 kg, 3 ...65 m span, with design ceiling of up to 25 km (82000 ft), manned and unmanned aircraft, from experimental world record setting high altitude long endurance prototypes to FAR 25 certified commercial commuter jets.
Project work Research & Development, investments and manpower required, fabrication and component cost, productivity, return on investment, business plan etc for general aviation and experimental aircraft projects
Aircraft design Configuration for payload, propulsion and system integration, cabin floorplan and cross section, flying qualities, stability & control, weight & balance, certification requirements
Aerodynamics Wing (lift and drag distribution, stall), fuselage, airfoils & high lift systems, trim drag, wind tunnel test campaigns, compressibility correction
Flight performance Climb-, cruise-, specific range-, descent maps, best range/best endurance, ceiling, one engine inop characteristics,operation limitations, icing conditions, speed envelope (stall, thrust, buffet, structure)
Mission performance Integrated performance for arbitrary mission profiles (for altitude, speed, flight mode, configuration, extracted power etc., segment/block/total time, fuel required, distances, payload/range/endurance, reserves
Field performance Take off and landing, accelerate/stop distance, balanced field length, single engine performance, minimum unstick and control speeds, weight/altitude/temperature limits, retarding means, contaminated runway, operation map with sensitivities to temperature, altitude, weight, slope, wind
Propulsion Performance and specifics of turbofan, turboprop, piston, electric engines, engine evaluation and selection, empirical models or full operation parameter mapping (in function of rc, altitude, temperature, speed, extracted power and bleed, with SW/data interface to all major engine vendors cycle maps), design of minimum loss propellers, off design analyse, operation map
Flight test evaluation Flight test planning (development & certification), parameter identification & model matching of aerodynamics, propulsion and retarding means, proof of performance & customer guarantees
Weight and balance Weight prediction, weight & balance, operational envelopes, inertias
Hyperlight structures Aeroelastic optimization (aerodynamic & structural) of large aspect ratio composite wings for minimum required thrust/power or high speed cruise. Design of composite structures up to proven material limits. Unconventional solutions for unconventional problems.
Composite fabrication prototyping in wet layup or prepreg technology. Low cost fabrication of high strength/high stiffness tailored beam elements

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